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Well Care Botanicals CBD Topicals: Our Review

One of the crucial uses of cannabinoids, apart from recreation, is pain relief. Safely extracted cannabinoids make for some of the most effective and healthy pain-relief agents. And, though you can use cannabinoids in several ways to get rid of that unbearable joint or muscle pain, topicals are best for the purpose.

For one thing, they are discrete and easy to use. Secondly, you can apply them to the exact spot that’s bothering you, without worrying about the consequences for your entire body. Third, because of the targeted application, the effect is specific to the location of the pain.

Topicals come in many forms, such as creams, gels, roll-ons, sprays, and even skincare products, such as lotions and lip balms.

But when it comes to topicals for pain relief, one company that you can trust without a sweat is Well Care Botanicals.

Its pain relief topicals certainly give us the impression that they Care!

In this blog, we’ll review some of the brand’s best topicals.

So, read on…

Perhaps the best thing about Well Care Botanicals is that it was founded by a doctor. Once you know that, your trust goes up a notch, doesn’t it?

As the brand clarifies on its website, the team’s target is to help customers “achieve greater health and wellness” and “enjoy a better quality of life”.

Well Care Botanicals’ line of products is proof enough of its goals.

The product range comprises gel capsules, pain creams and gels, skincare products, tinctures, and pet products—items you would associate with health and wellness and not recreation.

But, are the products effective?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

However, what went into the pudding and how it was made can give a fair idea as well. So first, let’s get into that first.

Hemp Source

Based out of Beachwood, New Jersey, Well Care Botanicals sources its hemp from licensed farms in the US. Although the exact location hasn’t been provided by the brand, the website mentions that the hemp is farmed sustainably and organically.  

The firm uses the CO2 method to derive extracts from hemp. It uses broad-spectrum hemp in its products. That is, the extracts contain natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Well Care Botanicals uses only all-natural ingredients in its products. Apart from broad-spectrum hemp extracts, the products contain a host of plant-based oils and extracts and zero additives.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Well Care Botanicals gets all its products tested by Desert Valley Testing labs. You can get the individual Certificates of Analysis and the Lab Purity Results on every product page.

Brand Reputation

Looking at the customer reviews, Well Care Botanicals seems to be a stellar performer. Most of the products have got nothing but five stars from customers—both on the brand website and third-party sites. Only a handful of customers have complained that the pain cream was just about okay and did not work any wonders.


The company’s production processes are GMP-certified.

Marketing Practices & Company Policies

The brand website is easily navigable and user-friendly. There is a blog section to answer some of the key questions customers may ask. The product pages are comprehensive and contain all crucial info, including ingredients and CoAs.

The company has moderately friendly customer policies. Shipping is free for orders over $75. The company ships orders within 2-3 business days, barring weekends and holidays. However, the customer has to bear the tariffs and taxes, if any, levied on the shipped order.

The company doesn’t accept responsibility for damages to orders during transit or lost shipments. For damaged products, you have to contact the shipping firm and seek damages.

However, the brand does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on sealed items that are returned in their original packaging. But that does not include the shipping charges.

As per industry standards, you’re required to contact the brand’s customer service before sending back the order/item and fetch a Return Merchandise Authorization number. You will need to pen it down on the package that you’ll be returning.

If the brand finds the merchandise in satisfactory condition, it will initiate your refund within 24 hours of receiving the package.

We have chosen three topical products from the brand for this review. These are:

  • Hemp Extract Pain Relief Cream (500mg)
  • Hemp Extract Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream (1000mg) Airless Pump
  • Hemp Extract Pain Relief Roll-On Gel (1000mg)

Let’s discuss each of them individually.

Armed with 500mg pure hemp extract and infused with arnica flower extract, this cream does pack a punch. It works on all kinds of aches, pains, and swelling. Black pepper oil warms the skin while aloe vera and coconut oil protect it. The broad-spectrum hemp oil will heal your wounds and reduce inflammation.



Organic aloe leaf juice, organic coconut oil, emulsifying wax, organic arnica flower extract, black pepper oil, organic alcohol, proprietary essential oil blend, organic hemp extract


Natural, with a mild aroma of essential oils


500mg hemp extract

Consumer Satisfaction

The cream has got close to five-star ratings from 90 reviews. The lowest it has got is three stars from two persons apart from four stars from three persons. It’s a full five stars from the rest.

People seemed to have found relief from knee and back pain, arthritic pain, muscle pain, and even frozen shoulder after using this product. Those who gave lower ratings felt they needed a stronger product for their pain.

One customer, however, complained of delivery issues like delays and spotty customer service.

The MOH Experience

Two of our teammates tried the Pain Relief Cream — one for post-workout muscle aches and another for lower back pain.

Both claimed they got some relief from their conditions. The cream has a subtle and pleasant fragrance and is easy to apply.

This is just a stronger variant of the pain relief cream. While the normal pain relief cream has a strength of 500mg, this one has 1000mg. The airless pump also makes it easier to apply.



Organic aloe leaf juice, organic coconut oil, emulsifying wax, organic arnica flower extract, black pepper oil, organic alcohol, proprietary essential oil blend, organic hemp extract


Natural, with mild aroma of essential oils


1000mg hemp extract

Consumer Satisfaction

The cream has only eight ratings but they are ALL five stars. One customer wrote the cream keeps pain at bay for four hours and that’s great for a topical.

Another reviewer said he uses the cream every night and highly recommends it.

The MOH Experience

This cream is obviously stronger than the 500mg one. The teammate who tested this cream has been suffering from juvenile arthritic pain for ages. He was all praises for the cream and said it gave him relief during a particularly bad bout of pain. You can try it for yourself and see how well it works.

Menthol gives you a cooling sensation while the 1000mg CBD starts working on your pain. At the same time, the goodness of aloe vera nourishes your skin.

How many products can boast such properties?

It dries easily and is easy to apply. It’s perfect for sportspersons and fitness freaks. It can give your post-workout body that perfect relief from those cramps and niggling aches.



Menthol USP 3.5%, deionized filtered water, organic aloe extract, isopropyl alcohol, yerba mate leaf extract, camphor oil, Vitamin E acetate, carbomer, FD&C Blue #1 and Yellow #5, triethanolamine, broad-spectrum CBD


Slightly minty, mostly natural hempy


1000mg CBD

Consumer Satisfaction

The roll-on gel has got 21 reviews. Apart from one, who has rated it three stars, the rest have showered it with five-star ratings. Several users have written that it works on chronic pain, which is hard to get rid of. A woman has mentioned that the roll-on is helping her daughter who has scoliosis, a spinal condition.

The MOH Experience

Our adventure traveler buddies loved this roll-on gel. One of them went camping over the weekend and we handed him the gel for review. He came back waxing eloquent about the effectiveness of the gel. He suffered a mild sprain and the gel worked wonders to keep him going without too much trouble.

Every company has its share of pros and cons. As a customer, you need to check how these two lists fare against each other and which way the balance tips. Let’s check out Well Care’s performance.


  • The company was founded by a doctor
  • 100% natural products
  • Sustainably farmed, US-grown hemp
  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients, No additives
  • GMP-certified manufacturing process
  • CO2-extracted hemp
  • Third-party lab-tested products
  • Variety of products
  • Tempting discount offers
  • Reward point system
  • 14-day return policy


  • Shipping can be delayed if there’s a rush
  • The customer care team can be a bit difficult to contact (on the number and email address provided on the website)
  • The company bears no responsibility for damaged or missing products. The onus lies on the shipping company
  • You have to bear any tariffs or taxes levied on your shipment

If you’re considering buying hemp topicals, follow this buyer’s guide before placing your order.

Step 1. What is your requirement? Do you want to use the product to control occasional pain or chronic pain? What kind of pain is it? Is it very severe? Your choice of product should depend on your answers to these questions. If your pain is very severe, it’s better to go for a strong product. If your pain is mild, you should choose a product of low strength. It’s best to start with a product of lower strength, for that matter. You can use a stronger product if it doesn’t work.

Step 2. Choose a product that’s convenient for you. For instance, if you love to travel, choose one that’s easy to apply, such as roll-ons and sprays.

Step 3. Choose a reliable and reputable brand. Such brands may charge a bit higher than the lesser-known ones, but at least you can rest assured that the product would be worth the price.

Step 4. Before you buy any cannabinoid product for pain relief, do consult your doctor, especially if you suffer from certain health conditions and take prescribed medications for those.

Q: Does Well Care sell any other kind of topical products?

A. They do. They have numerous skincare products, such as intense skin relief salve for sensitive skin issues, advanced daily repair body lotion for regular moisturization, a body butter, and several other pain relief variants in topicals.

Q: Does Well Care sell CBD Tinctures and Capsules?

A. They certainly do. Well Care sells full-spectrum and CBD isolate soft gel capsules of varying strengths, as well as broad-spectrum hemp extract oils of different potencies and flavors.

Q: What kind of pet products are available with this brand?

A: Well Care Botanicals sells broad-spectrum tinctures and chews for all pets. While the tinctures are unflavored, the chews come in beef flavor. The tinctures are mostly meant for calming their nerves, while the chews are great for stronger joints and muscles.

A: Hemp seed oil is not the same as what Well Care sells as Hemp Extract Oil. The former is extracted from hemp seeds by the cold-pressing method. However, hemp extract oil comes from the entire plant and is extracted by the CO2 method. Hemp seed oil doesn’t contain any cannabinoids, whereas these hemp extract oils contain cannabinoids.

Hemp-based topicals can be a boon for those who suffer from chronic or frequent pain. Many people often suffer from joint and/or muscle pain, arthritic pain, body pain or ache, or pain born of some other medical condition.

If you are one of them, Well Care’s hemp topical products could effectively relieve you of such pain, quickly and without any side effects that often accompany painkillers.  

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