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New York Moves Step Closer to Home Grown Cannabis

New York residents are one step closer to being able to grow their own cannabis after the state’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB) approved draft rules for home cultivation.

The promise of home cultivation has been looming since the state approved the legalization of adult-use cannabis in 2021, but it has been waiting for a concrete framework to be published by regulators before being implemented.

Now, a comprehensive framework for home cultivation, initially developed by the Office for Cannabis Management (OCM) and submitted to the CCB for consideration, has been approved.

This means that a 60-day public consultation period will now be launched before the rules are finalised and rolled out across the state.

If passed, the proposals would allow anyone over the age of 21 to grow up to six cannabis plants, including three mature and three immature plants, and these must be in a secure location and not in public view.

Individuals will only be allowed to cultivate at a single location and can possess up to five pounds of trimmed, dried flower from their own plants.

US cannabis seed business Symple Seeds told Business of Cannabis: “I applaud New York’s decision to embrace home grow as it recognizes the growing desire for consumer autonomy and opens exciting possibilities for both New Yorkers and the legal cannabis industry.

“Home cultivation not only provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to engage in a hands-on and educational experience but also supports the principles of self-sustainability and responsible cannabis consumption. It allows individuals to have a deeper understanding of the plant, its various strains, and the cultivation process.”

Not everyone is so optimistic about the decision, with many suggesting it will exacerbate the growing issues New York’s cannabis industry is having with its illicit market, making operating a legal business problematic.

On Friday, Business of Cannabis reported that during the same meeting in which home-grow rules were approved, the CCB was set to significantly expand the state’s legal cannabis market and approve over 100 new licenses.

These were the first licences to have been issued outside of the state’s social equity CAURD programme, which sought to ensure those most impacted by cannabis prohibition were first in line to benefit from legalisation.

CCB chair Tremaine Wright said during Friday’s meeting: “This moment has been a long time in the making. We assure you it only represents the beginning. The office has been diligently working to prepare as many applications as possible for consideration, and the board will continue to approve additional licenses at future board meetings.”


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