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This Is The ‘Last 4/20 That Cannabis Will Be Schedule I’ Drug Says Blumenauer, As He Pushes Its Election Importance

US Rep. Earl Blumenauer, founding co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, said he believes Saturday was the ‘last 4/20 celebration that cannabis will be on Schedule I’.

The long-time cannabis advocate and Oregon Democratic congressman announced recently that he would not be standing for office in the November election but told the press during an address on Friday that he will continue to pish for federal cannabis reform.

As numerous frontline politicians used the 4/20 celebration to express their support for cannabis reform, Blumenauer said that he would use ‘every opportunity’ to make the point that ‘cannabis can help the Democrats win in 2024’.

Cannabis reform can help ‘atone for being on the wrong side of the failed War on Drugs’ he suggested, arguing that in every state where cannabis has been on the ballot, it passes with a convincing majority.

It comes as the rumour mill surrounding cannabis rescheduling is once again reaching fever pitch following last week’s revelations from the White House that the ‘decision is now with the Department of Justice’.

In response to questions around whether he was familiar with rumours that the DOJ had already made up its mind, Blumenauer said: “There is the assumption that this is going to move forward, it’s going to be positive, and it’s going to be embraced.”

He went on to suggest that rescheduling could also help pave the way for the landmark SAFER Banking bill to be passed, adding that he was confident of it receiving bipartisan support.

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