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CBD Oil For Dogs – Smoky Flavor Pet Drops


  • Mouth Absorbed Dog Drops
  • 75mg (.5 Oz) to 150mg (1 Oz) Cannabidiol (CBD) Content Minimum
  • Sublingual Formula for Fast Assimilation
  • 100% Natural and Safe for Dogs
Bottle Size

5 oz 75mg
1 oz 150mg


8 oz

Active Constituents

Hemp Extraction Oil (or Co2 Extracted Oil) suspended in Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Specially Formulated for Superior Bioavailability, Instant Absorption Sublingual Administration. 5mg dominant active constituents work to nourish the body’s primal systems to assist its goal of homeostasis – body balance.

Type Of CBD Hemp Oil

US Domestically Grown Hemp

Hemp Cultivation Method


CBD Hemp Oil Extraction Process

Super-Critical CO2


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