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Hemp Essential Oil, the Queen of Essential Oils

Hemp Essential OilHemp Essential Oil

People often confuse hemp essential oil with hemp oil. Although both oils come from the same plant, they are in fact very different.

So, let’s clarify the difference.


Hemp seed oil comes from the seed, whereas essential oil comes from the upper leaves and flowers of the hemp plant

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of hemp plant. The seeds are cold-pressed to produce an oil that is nutty and green in flavor. It’s commonly known as nature’s most nutritionally balanced oil.

Hemp essential oil, also known as cannabis essential oil, comes from the upper leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The leaves and flowers are then steam distilled to capture the pure essence of the plant. Pale yellow to light green in color with a a highly concentrated therapeutic aroma. It takes over fifty pounds to make 1 ounce of hemp essential oil. It is also one of the most expensive oils in the world – and contains no THC or CBD.


Hemp essential oil is not just a new fad. In fact it has been revered throughout history. But where did essential oils come from and who used them?

A deep connection and understanding between man and the earth was formed as early as the hunter-gatherer era. Realizing the effects that plants had on the body, hunter-gatherers learned that some plants brought on stupor, some lifted the spirit, others purged and, of course, some nourished the body.

Soon it became essential for the well-being of man to capture the aroma of plants to promote overall health. Not only on the physical level, but on an emotional and spiritual level as well.

Hemp’s essential oil was well known for its therapeutic abilities, helping to release stress and relax the body.

Leaves, bark, roots and other aromatic portions of botanicals were pressed, ground or soaked into fat. This infused the plants’ healing and therapeutic properties into the oil. This ultimately created chemical compounds that could be stored and used at will. There is even evidence of a crude steam distillation apparatus dating back as early as 300 B.C., as man began to fine tune the extraction process.

Traders would regularly travel long distances to bring these treasured aromatic oils to their homeland.


Hemp, man’s oldest cultivated crop, was well known for its essential oil aroma and therapeutic abilities on the central nervous system. It was a key in helping to release stress and relax the body. Its warm, sweet scent played a part in Biblical times, being used as an ingredient in the holy anointing oil that also included myrrh, cassia, sweet cinnamon and olive oil.


The Egyptians also used hemp and other essential oils for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The wealthiest Egyptians were afforded the extravagance of lavishing perfumed oils on their body. The Greeks and Romans enjoyed these precious oils in their luxurious baths as well.

During the 11th Century, steam distillation became common practice and essential oils were not only used for medicinal purposes throughout the world, but were also believed to help attain a higher frequency of spirituality.

By the 16th century, oils could be purchased at an “apothecary,” and many more essential oils were introduced for their healing properties.

Herbal medications and essential oils were still being used up until the Victorian Age, when they unfortunately were pushed to the side in favor of pharmaceutical drugs.


We are bringing back Hemp, the Queen of essential oils and its earthy, peppery and faintly sweet scent

Recently however, we are bringing back the Queen of essential oils: the powerful aroma of hemp. Its earthy, peppery and faintly sweet scent is alluring and sensual; blending perfectly with other fragrances to perfect the art of aromatherapy.

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Kushed founder, Alison Joy, began her love affair with candles in 2003, blending soy wax with essential oils from her kitchen in the one bedroom condo she shared with her seven year-old son. Her research led her to one of the more taboo essential oils, cannabis essential oil. It was here, in the combining of floral and other natural aromas with cannabis essential oil that she found the perfect prescription to relax her mind and soothe her soul.

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