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Tips to Stay Calm in the Holiday Craze 

In the rush to tick off items on our holiday to-do lists, we often forget the beauty of just being. Here are 3 tips to find calm that you need to know. Read More

What does CBD do for the skin? 

Curious about the role of CBD in skincare? Join us as we reveal the benefits of using full-spectrum hemp extract on your skin.  Read More

Employee Favorites for Holiday Gifting

See what Charlotte’s Web products our employees love and are gifting this year. Read More

See our CBD Gifts for the Holidays

Support the ones you love with Mother Nature’s best for sleep, calm, immune support, daily wellness, exercise recovery, and more. Read More

Freedom Service Dogs: Charlotte’s Web’s Partnership in Transforming Lives

We are proud to support an organization that transforms lives by providing custom-trained assistance dogs to those who need them most. Read More

How to Stop Overthinking at Night

Overthinking at night is a common challenge, try these 8 strategies to find rest and sleep easier without overthinking it! Read More

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