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Business Of Cannabis Award Winners Announced

THE first Business Of Cannabis industry awards event proved to be a resounding success and will now become a permanent feature of the European cannabis landscape.

The awards attracted over 200 senior professionals from across the European cannabis chain, and were sponsored by PHCANN International. Its CEO Sasho Stefanoski delivered the opening address during which he congratulated all the nominees and highlighted the growth of the industry.

A panel of leading industry experts assessed the hundreds of nominations across the 11 individual categories designed to recognise excellence in their set disciplines.

These included the acknowledgement of individual excellence and expertise, teamwork, groundbreaking innovations and impactful research.

Ben Stevens, Editor of Business of Cannabis Europe, said: “This was a spectacular evening showcasing the inspirational individuals, organisations and businesses driving the growth of the European cannabis industry.

“European cannabis is reaching a tipping point; and Business of Cannabis is the number one source of news, features and commentary on these developments.

“We are delighted to be able to shine a light on those who are the inspirations behind the spectacular march of cannabis from the pernicious period of prohibition into a powerful and emerging force of good for both mankind and the planet.”

Stephen Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder, of Business of Cannabis parent company Prohibition Partners, commended the winners, emphasising the event’s dedication to honouring excellence in various facets of the cannabis sector.

He said: “The awards showcased innovation, leadership, and growth within this dynamic industry. This year’s event delivered a remarkable gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and influencers.

“The Business of Cannabis Awards highlighted the phenomenal work done by both businesses and individuals across Europe in the past 12 months, recognising the efforts of those at the forefront of change. The awards celebrated the achievements and contributions within the cannabis sector, underscoring the importance of leadership and innovation in driving the industry forward.”

The winners and shortlisted entrants were as follows:

Cultivator of the Year 

  • Curaleaf International
  • Marry Jane
  • Dennis Wolf
  • Dalgety
  • Bathera

Winner: Curaleaf International. It has established a top-tier supply chain, with cultivation as its foundation, setting the benchmark for consistency and standards.

Cannabis Startup of the Year

Recognising outstanding achievements in innovation within the cannabis sector.

  • Astrasana
  • Overseed
  • Mamedica
  • Ziel

Winner: CANNAVIGIA. CANNAVIGIA was selected as European Start Up of the Year due to its range of innovative products, global reach, and demonstrated industry leadership.

Cannabis Journalist of the Year 

Demonstrable skill, integrity, and impact in covering cannabis-related topics.

  • Aurélien Bernard (Newsweed)
  • Lukas Hurt (Magazin Konopi)
  • Laura Ramos (Cannareporter and Cannadouro Magazine)
  • Ben Stevens (Business of Cannabis)
  • Sarah Sinclair (Cannabis Health)
  • Javier Hasse (Independent Journalist)

Winner: Laura Ramos. Laura is considered to be not only a journalist but also an activist and change-maker.

Law Firm of the Year 

Excellence and leadership in providing legal counsel within the complex and rapidly evolving field of cannabis law.

  • Herbert
  • Gowling
  • Loyra
  • Fieldfisher
  • Memery

Winner: Gowling. Its expertise in merging policy and commercial work has elevated this group to one of Europe’s top legal firms in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Clinic of the Year 

Celebrating clinics that have demonstrated outstanding commitment and compassion in delivering high-quality care to patients.

  • MAC
  • MediCan
  • Curaleaf

Winner: Curaleaf Clinic. Formerly known as Sapphire Clinics, has established a network of clinics recognized for delivering high-quality care. Beyond meeting standard requirements, these clinics have significantly advanced scientific understanding and elevated industry standards for medical cannabis treatment.

Best Patient-Focused Initiative of the Year 

For exceptional efforts in developing initiatives aimed at enhancing patient care, education, and support.

  • Drug Science (T21)
  • Medcan Family Foundation
  • Medical Cannabis Patients Association (MCPA)
  • PatientsCann UK

Winner: Drug Science. It’s really important to have access to a reliable source, to research, gather, analyse, process and publish reliable information. A crucial service to the industry. This work is not always easy but is vital to have access to, which is why Drug Science and T21 deserve the award. The winner of this award is also recognised for their crucial work in providing high-value data and resources that all the other organizations can benefit from to better support their patients.

Standout Use of Technology 

Innovation and excellence in technology solutions, platforms, and products that have made a significant impact.

  • Copeia GmbH
  • Elixie LTD
  • Script Assist

Winner: CANNAVIGIA stands out as a pioneering European technology company, showcasing an exceptional ability to provide top-tier regulatory services. Their solutions ensure unparalleled trust and transparency across the supply chain for all stakeholders, making them the best use of technology in this sector.

European Cannabis Company of the Year 

Exceptional contributions in shaping the European cannabis industry landscape.

  • Curaleaf International
  • Cantourage
  • Cansativa Group
  • Blossom
  • Agropharm Projects

Winner: Curaleaf International. Curaleaf has built a truly pan-European group, establishing itself as a market leader across multiple jurisdictions through smart strategic execution. It upholds commendable social responsibility standards and is building a sustainable model through impressive doctor and patient education programs. These achievements make Curaleaf International the deserving recipient of the European Cannabis Company of the Year award.

Business Leader of the Year 

Visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and standout performance by a business leader in the cannabis industry.

  • Boris Jordan (Founder and Executive Chairman at Curaleaf)
  • Franziska Katterbach (President at Khiron Life Sciences)
  • Henk van Dalen (Owner at Dutch Passion Seed Company)
  • Timo Bongartz (CCO at Cannavigia)
  • Joeri Perneel (CEO at Pure Support)

Winner: Boris Jordan. Boris isn’t content with Curaleaf merely being recognised as a major multi-state operator in the U.S. market. He has expanded Curaleaf International to become the leading cannabis operator in Europe, establishing a presence in seven European markets. By doing so, he is setting the stage for future transatlantic deals in the cannabis sector and leveraging his extensive experience to navigate and develop early-stage markets.

Industry Rising Star Award

For an individual who has already displayed exceptional leadership qualities and/or shown an unwavering commitment to driving positive change.

  • Julian Vaterrodt
  • Jon Robson
  • Jack Whipp
  • Dylan Doran Kennett
  • Dr Simon Erridge

Winner: Jack Whipp. Jack has established himself as a formidable operator, skilfully navigating the complexities of the global supply chain and demonstrating exceptional soft skills in managing a rapidly growing patient base. His outstanding capabilities and contributions make him the clear choice for the Industry Rising Star award.

Outstanding Contribution to the European Cannabis Industry – Hannah Deacon

Hannah’s son Alfie Dingley was the first patient in the UK to receive a permanent cannabis licence which meant his doctors could prescribe what was then a schedule one drug on the NHS.

Hannah is a director of Maple Tree Consultants which helps businesses and individuals navigate the regulatory landscape of the European cannabis industry.

Hannah’s son Alfie Dingley was the first patient in the UK to receive a permanent cannabis licence which meant his doctors could prescribe what was then a schedule one drug on the NHS.

Hannah is a director of Maple Tree Consultants which helps businesses and individuals navigate the regulatory landscape of the European cannabis industry.

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